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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 PM | Saturday & Sunday CLOSED
All eflyers scheduled during the weekend will go out as scheduled, but there will not be any support on Saturday or Sunday. All emails and calls will be returned during business hours.

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What is the deadline to submit an eflyer?

For an eflyer from One Agent/One Listing, One Agent/Multiple Listings or Multiple Agents/Multiple Listings tab, the deadline is 4:00 pm for the following day. For example, if you want the eflyer to go out on Tuesday you must submit your eflyer by Monday at 4:00 pm. Please make sure your new listing is in MLS by 2:30 to allow enough time for the eflyer system to update with your new lisitng information.
For a Custom Eflyer the deadlines are on Thursdays at noon for anything that is signed up for the following week.

When will my eflyer go out?

If you ordered an eflyer from One Agent/One Listing, One Agent/Multiple Listings or Multiple Agents/Multiple Listings tab, your eflyer will be sent out on the date you have selected as the send out date.

My eflyer is going out the same day as the open house, can you send it first thing in the morning?

Yes, if your eflyer is going out the same day as your open house, it will go out first thing in the morning. Your eflyer will come out before 10:00 am that morning.

I have co-listed a listing with another agent. How can I add a 2nd agent to my eflyer?

There is a co-listing agent field at the bottom of the eflyer order form. You can select the 2nd agent there.

The price of my listing was just reduced in MLS, but it's not showing up on the eflyer form. How can I get it updated?

The eflyer system updates every hour on the hour. If you do not want to wait for the price to update, you can change the price on the form before submitting. All of the fields are editable so you can change anything on the form before submitting.

How much does an eflyer cost?

If you ordered an eflyer from One Agent/One Listing, One Agent/Multiple Listings or Multiple Agents/Multiple Listings tab, the cost is $34.95 plus tax.
If you ordered an eflyer from Custom tab the cost is $79.95 plus tax.

How will I be billed for my eflyers?

You are required to have a credit card on file. Your credit card will be processed at the end of each month and a copy of the paid invoice will be sent to you.

Do I get to see a proof of my eflyer?

Yes. If you ordered an eflyer from One Agent/One Listing, One Agent/Multiple Listings or Multiple Agents/Multiple Listings tab, you will see the proof instantly on the screen. Once you've proofed your eflyer you will hit the "Approve and Submit eflyer Request" button to submit your request.

How do I change out my headshot?

Email your new headshot to kym@realtor2realtor.com and it will be uploaded to the system.

How many email addresses does the eflyer go to?

The eflyers are emailed out to approximately 4,800 email addresses in the Central area. If you have a listing outside of the our central area, additional email addresses will be including according to the area of your listing at no additional cost.
For example if you have a listing in the Kingwood area, your eflyer will automatically go to the "Central" list and also to the "Humble-Atascocita-Kingwood" list. Additional emails will be 1.5 cents each. The areas and number of emails are listed below.

Market AreaZip CodeTotal Emails
Aldine-North-Loop-Greenspoint 77016,77028,77032,77037,77038,77039,77050,77060,77073,77076,77086,77088,77091,77093,77222,77411 87
Alief-Sharpstown-Westbury 77035,77036,77071,77072,77074,77081,77083,77085,77099,77235 675
Brazoria-County 77422,77430,77431,77463,77480,77486,77511,77512,77515, 77516,77531,77534,77541,77542,77566,77577,77578,77581,77583,77584,77588 469
Central 77001,77002,77003,77004,77005,77006,77007,77008,77009,77011,77012,77018,77019,77022,77024,77025,77027, 77030,77031,77042,77043,77046,77052,77054,77055,77056,77057,77063,77077,77079,77080,77082,77092,77096, 77097,77098,77201,77202,77203,77204,77206,77207,77208,77210,77212,77215,77216,77218,77219,77220,77221, 77223,77224,77225,77227,77231,77233,77234,77236,77237,77238,77242,77243,77244,77245,77248,77249,77250, 77251,77252,77253,77254,77255,77256,77257,77259,77265,77266,77268,77269,77270,77271,77272,77273,77274, 77275,77277,77279,77280,77281,77282,77284,77288,77289,77290,77292,77293,77297,77298,77299,77401,77402 4863
Chambers-County 77514,77560,77580,77597,77661,77665 4
East-Harris-County 77013,77015,77020,77029,77044,77049,77078,77213,77226,77228,77229,77520, 77521,77522,77530,77532,77547,77562 176
Fort-Bend-County 77053,77406,77417,77441,77444,77451,77459,77461,77464,77469,77471, 77476,77477,77478,77479,77481,77487,77489,77496,77497,77545 965
Galveston-County 77058,77059,77062,77209,77217,77258,77263,77510,77517,77518,77539,77546,77549, 77550,77551,77552,77553,77554,77555,77563,77565,77568,77572,77573,77574,77586, 77590,77591,77592,77598,77617,77623,77650 949
Humble-Atascocita-Kingwood 77325,77336,77338,77339,77345,77347,77396 192
Katy-Bear-Creek 77084,77094,77413,77449,77450,77491,77492,77493,77494 746
Liberty-County 77327,77328,77368,77369,77533,77535,77538,77561,77564,77575,77582 25
Montgomery-County 77014,77026,77066,77067,77068,77090,77205,77267,77291,77301,77302,77303,77304, 77305,77306,77333,77337,77353,77354,77355,77356,77357,77362,77365,77372,77373, 77375,77377,77378,77379,77380,77381,77382,77383,77384,77385,77386,77387,77388,77389,77391,77393 2654
Northwest-Cyfair 77040,77041,77064,77065,77069,77070,77095,77241,77315,77410,77429,77433 1606
South-Almeda-Hobby 77010,77017,77021,77023,77045,77051,77061,77075,77087,77508 75
Southeast 77033,77034,77047,77048,77089,77261,77262,77287, 77501,77502,77503,77504,77505,77506,77507,77536,77571,77587 217
Waller-County 77423,77445,77446,77447,77466,77484 42

My listing was entered in MLS today, how come it's not on my list of listings?

Listings are updated every hour. If your listing was just entered into MLS, it may take up to an hour before it will appear on your list in this system. This also applies to photos. If your photos were just uploaded to MLS, you will need to wait until the system updates at each hour.

I have a NON MLS listing, can I still submit an eflyer?

Yes, you will have to choose the option that says "NON MLS" on the "My Listings" page and fill in all of the information on the eflyer. On the form you will also indicate which photos to use in each photo field and then email the photos to kym@realtor2realtor.com.

Can I save my eflyer and go back to it later? How do I go back to it?

Yes, you can save your eflyer. There is a "Save for Later" button. To get back to the saved eflyer follow these steps:

1. Go to "My Eflyers"
2. Click on "Edit" next to your listing and it will take you back to the eflyer.

Can I see how many agents have viewed my eflyer?

Yes, after the eflyer is sent out, you can go to "My EFlyers", click on "Click here to view stats" link to view your stats.

On the eflyer stats, what does "Distinct Views" and "Total Views" mean?

"Distinct Views" shows the number of unique email addresses that viewed your eflyer.  "Total Views" shows the number of times your eflyer was viewed. For example: an agent can view your eflyer five times and all five views are included in the total.

How do I cancel an eflyer once it has been ordered?

Email Kym Gaspard at kym@realtor2realtor.com and include the address and send out date and indicate that you want the flyer cancelled. You cancellation notice must be recieved by 5:00 pm the day before the eflyer is scheduled to go out.

Can my eflyer be sent out more than once?

Each eflyer request is only sent out once. If you want your eflyer to go out more than once you will need to submit a new order.

Can I send out the same eflyer I have already ordered with only a few changes? Do I have to redo the whole eflyer?

Yes, you can send the same eflyer you have previously ordered without redoing the whole eflyer. Follow these steps:

1. Go to "My Eflyers"
2. Click on "reorder" next to the listing
3. It will take you back to the page with all of the fields to fill in. Make your changes and complete the eflyer request.

When I go to edit my eflyer, it shows "Reorder" instead of "Edit" next to my listing. How come I cannot edit my eflyer?

The deadline for eflyers are at 4:00 pm the day before the eflyer is scheduled to go out. Once the deadline has past, you can no longer make any changes on your eflyer.

How can I get a PDF of my eflyer.

Go to "My Eflyers", then click on "PDF" next to your order.

What if I have a last minute eflyer and rush eflyer? Can I still send one out?

Yes, there will be an additional $25 charge for the last minute eflyer.

Do you have other questions regarding eflyers?

Contact Kym Gaspard at kym@realtor2realtor.com or (832) 271-6510